Sherif Nassar             
Founder & Head Trainer

Sherif Nassar
Founder and Head Trainer

An AUC Alumni class of 2012, Political Science Major, experienced and certified trainer for the past 8 years.


Represented AUC soccer team for all national and international competitions.


Assistant coach for Bob Reasso.


Worked in the Student Service Center
for 1 year


Founder and head coach of HIT for 8 years Founder of REVAMP

Revamp is a Crossfit, Gym, Wellness Center

& Functional Training Facility

Every body is different and Revamp Egypt is committed to personalized fitness and group training sessions that everyone can fit into 

their lifestyle.


Our mission is to revamp lives and maintain our community standards.We are there to help you build your healthy habits.

    Mission & Vision

Indoor, Outdoor & Studio

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